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Triathlon Training Plan

Triathlon Training and Coaching Plans and Packages for 2007.

MONTHLY COACHING PACKAGE: All coaching starts with a 1-hour consultation (conducted in-person for local Tulsa-area clients and over phone and/or email exchange for others). During this consultation I get to know the athlete, determine current fitness level and together we establish short and long term goals.

It is best if the athlete trains with a power meter and has a Garmin Heart Rate Monitor with downloading/email capability.This program is limited to 6 athletes. Each athlete receives:

  • Training plans sent in 1-2 week blocks and structured for the indvidual athlete based on factors including results from prior workouts, race schedule, resting heart rate, injury status and health, etc. Workout plans include:
    • Detailed description of the workouts
    • Correct heart rate and/or power training zones
    • Distance and time to be covered in the workout
    • Correct heart rate training and/or power zones
    • Monthly testing to asses fitness gains, or weak areas
    • Other specific details or comments tailored to the athlete
    • Taper plan
    • Race day nutrition plan
    • Post race recovery plan
    • I will adjust your schedule, as much as needed for unforeseen events
  • Unlimited communication at athlete's initiation
  • Weekly phone calls to discuss progress
  • Strength training program
  • Heart rate training zones
  • Interval training
  • Mental training techniques
  • Pre/post race consultation
  • Stroke analysis
  • Evaluation of past training
  • Develop future goals specific to the individual athlete

Monthly Coaching starts at $235 per month + $75 start up fee (minimum 3-month commitment)


HOURLY COACHING-CONSULTING: If you already have your training plan or just have questions or want coaching in one of the three triathlon disciplines, this is a good option. I work with athletes on individual coaching (swim drills, bike workouts, running drills, weight workouts) as well as advice on race-day nutrition, tapering, race strategy and much more. Just ask. If I can't help you with your specific question I can certainly refer you to someone who can (no charge for referrals).

Hourly Coaching costs $50 per half-hour coached session.

Bike Fit: Many athletes who start triathlon are runners who are new to cycling. I can help you get your bike set up the maximum combination of "aero" position and power on your bike. If you get over-tired on the bike get numb or experience pain while cycling, a solid bike fitting session could really improve your performance.

Bike Fitting costs $125

Travel Time: Most of my clients are local to the Tulsa area. However, I do coach athletes from other regions. If you want me to travel to you I charge $40 per hour for travel outside the Tulsa metro.

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