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First Triathlon Tips

Seven Tips On Training for Your First Triathlon.

If you are a beginner or just getting started in triathlon, here are 7 more tips on how to train smart for triathlon:

1. Try the distance – Do a "practice event" at your own pace a week or two before the event. You will learn a lot that will help you during your race. Think about things like:
- Pacing (for example, what pace do I need to do the swim in so the bike and run are doable?)
- Practice your transition strategy.
- How will you feel after riding and then transitioning to the run?
- Can you do the entire swim without resting? (most pool swims will let you rest at the wall but get out of the way of other competitors)

2. Do some "brick" workouts – Practice switching from the bike to the run by following up a long bike with a short run every once in a while. Yes it’s uncomfortable. But you can teach the body to adjust and it can get more comfortable (well, at least everything hurts the same.)

3. Don’t do too much the week before the event. A well-rested body performs the best. Don’t push through a tough workout the week of your first race. If you feel you need more workouts before your first event then skip this one and sign up for one next month.

4. Don’t let a hilly or challenging course be a surprise. Train on similar terrain.

5. Know the course. How do you enter and exit the transition area (swim to bike and bike to swim - sometimes they happen in different places)? Where are the turn-arounds? If you know what to expect the day will be a lot easier. Also know the rules - the USAT website has them posted.

6. Don’t try anything new on race day. No new breakfast or new triathlon shorts. Use your race suit in your training - especially during your practice event. Use nutrition choices that you know you can eat and equipment you are used to.

7. Check the bike carefully before the race. Especially look for the following:
– Tire pressure
- Check brakes for rubbing
- Make sure the handle bars, profile bars and seat are all on tight
- Check that the bike is shifting correctly - put the bike in the gear you will want to start out in (do you start by climbing a hill - if so you need the bike in an easy gear). That way you'll be ready when you grab the bike.

Hopefully these triathlon training tips will help you get ready for your next race.


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